10 Expressions to Improve your Spoken English

My plan is always to get my students speaking at the best level possible. As you know, one of the ways you can really impress native speakers is to use English expressions, not just the usual words you find in an English textbook.









Here are ten that you will enjoy using:

– To come clean
We want to admit to something bad we have done

‘I came clean about the test that I cheated in.’

– To fall off the face of the earth
To disappear completely

‘After that boxer retired, he fell off the face of the earth. I have not seen him again.’

– To chicken out
To not do something you planned to do because you are afraid

‘I chickened out of going skiing. I did not want to get hurt.’

– To be panned
To be criticised a lot

‘That film was terrible. It has been panned by everybody.’

– To right a wrong
To correct something that you have done wrong

‘I apologised for saying bad things because I wanted to right a wrong.’

– To be far fetched
To be unrealistic or unbelievable

‘I enjoyed that TV series but it was all about vampires. It was very far fetched.’

– To grab my attention
Something that makes me focus on it

‘He was such a good speaker that he immediately grabbed my attention.’

– To be snowed under
To be extremely busy

‘I cannot go to the wedding because I am completely snowed under with work.’

– To be as good as gold
To be very well behaved

‘That group of students are fantastic. They have been as good as gold all year.’

– To get something out of my system
To tell people something that has been annoying you

‘I had to get my feelings out of my system. She was saying some mean things and I was getting angry.’

I hope you enjoy using them!
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