The Difference between ‘Do’ & ‘Make’

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Today, we are going to talk about a confusing part of the English language: When do we use ‘do’, and when do we use ‘make’?

You will be happy to know that there are some rules for this that you can follow. However, as usual with English, there are some exceptions to the rules that you have to memorise. Sorry!





Let’s start with ‘do’. When we use this word we are generally talking about obligations, work and general activities. In other words, the boring stuff!

– I am doing the housework.
– They are studying because they have to do a course at college.
– I need to do something later tonight.
– She will do her hair before she goes out.

As you can see, if it is about work, studies, looking after yourself or general actions, the right word to use is ‘do’.

What about ‘make’?
Well think of ‘make’ as the more artistic or creative verb. All the fun things or interesting things we do are with this word.
– He is making some fabulous food.
– I have made a lot of friends at school.
– They always make more money at Christmas.
– My friend is so funny; he is always making jokes.

Now for the annoying bit: The exceptions
For plans we use make, even though they are not always fun!:
– I need to make some arrangements.
– I usually make a list before I go shopping.
– You have to make a decision.

One more exception:
– I make the bed every morning.

Overall, if you remember these general rules and these exceptions then you should not ‘make’ any more mistakes with these two verbs!

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