The Importance of Articles


Articles (A/An/The) is a subject that English learners find difficult, no matter what level they are. In fact, I have taught many high level English learners who do not have a good understanding of articles. Many people think that it is OK not to use them properly, because people will always understand you anyway. This is quite true: I will understand what you mean 95% of the time if you use articles or not. However, if you give up on articles, they will give up on you! You can never be fluent without them. They all have a reason and a time to use them.
This is my advice: It does not matter what level you are, how comfortable you are at English. if you struggle with articles, go back to the beginning. open that Pre-Intermediate(A2) or Intermediate (B1) book and start practising. Remember, plurals can never have A/An, singular nouns cannot use the zero article. Only uncountable nouns and plurals can do that. Even if it is very painful and frustrating, you have to go ‘back to basics’ with articles. Only then can you really say you understand the use of English.
Please have a look at the website for more help and a video lesson and exercises on ‘Articles’ are available for members.
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