English Testimonials

Testimonials and References in English


Felix, Switzerland

Michael is an excellent English teacher and I can recommend him to everybody! A lesson with him is not only learning or improving the English Language, it is also talking about different cultures and about interests .  A lesson with Michael is always an enrichment!


Soyi, South Korea

I can recommend Michael with confidence to all new students Michael is the best teacher I have had. His explanation is always clear in my head. It was useful to practice, idioms and expressions with Michael. Michael always had an asnwer for all of my questions. And the most important thing! Michael’s lessons are interesting and fun. I would like to come back to study with Michael if I have the opportunity.


Karina, Brazil

I had the opportunity to be a student of Michael and I can tell you he is an excellent teacher , very caring and dedicated . Noticeable is the pleasure he takes in teaching and helping you with any difficulty . He knows how to interact with students and this makes learning more fun because his lessons are always dynamic and he always brings innovations to assist in our studies. Michael is a professor who seeks to simplify the barriers that we have to learn a new language.


Albane, France 

After spending time being taught by Michael, I can confirm that this is an outstanding English teacher. Thanks to him, I’ve made great progress in English.  I learned both grammar and language used in the course of every day English. Through him, I learned a lot of vocabulary on different topics and subjects, often in a playful way, and now I use them regularly. I highly recommend this very good English teacher, with him you’ll love to learn this language!


Kristine, France

I had the pleasure to start my English lessons with Michael. It was always interesting and fun. A good way to make fast progress and to enjoy to get ting underway! I have made progress and the fear of speaking has disappeared . I recommend it!




Marilivia, Brazil

Hello , I am Marilivia . The classes of Michael were very dynamic and always fun ,leaving students very welcome to participate in class , creating an ideal place to talk about different topics in the English environment. He was always available to answer questions . I’m sure his classes were fundamental to improving my English. Thanks Michael.